Emmy Altava
Remi Altava
Name Remi Altava
Japanese Name レミアルタワ Remi Arutawa
Hometown London
Class Assistant and apprentice of Professor Layton
Appearance Specters Flute

She's been known as the first apprentice of Professor Layton. The first meeting between her and Layton where after that Layton received the letter, which she wants be Laytons assistant, Layton put her on a test to solve a puzzle which that she solves it with your help. She has a rivalry with Luke about who's the best assistant for Layton. Emmy was also a heroine in London she left with Dr. Schrader to find the kidnapped children.


Emmy is shown as a tough, tomboy-ish character; but is also shown to have a soft spot towards Professor Layton and even Luke. Though Luke and her butt heads for Professor's Number 1 apprentice, but that's only for fun. She also carries on her a big appetite.

She carries her camera with her at all times in a flap that is connected to her belt around her dress, so she may pull it out and snap a quick picture.


Emmy has dark brown, wavy hair. She wears a yellow dress, a belt, white leggings, black boots, and completes her outfit with a pink bow-tie. She has pale skin, and is about as tall as the Professor.