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The series Professor Layton goes about a person named Hershel Layton to solve mystery's around everything. Always with his assistent Luke, he's gonna make one mystery solve. It is a game created by Level 5, under the president Akihiro Hino. It is been based of one of Hino's childhood love Akira Tago the game named Mental Gymnastics that a puzzel book that is been sold in Japan all over 12 million copies.

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Luke Triton is the apprentice of Professor Layton. He consider hisself as the best assistent of Layton. He also consider Layton as a detective. He hase a rivality with Remi about the appranticeship of Layton. Who's the best assistent for Layton. Luke can also talk with animals, that where been seen in the Specters Flute. He hase a kind of relationship with Lily Alenbird but that reason is unknown. He's born in Mist Harely, what known is that his father is the mayor of Mist Harely.

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Puzzles are in every Professor Layton game. They are verry hard brain teasers that you must gonna solve out. Every Puzzle got their own Picarats, it can give you something usefull, when a picarats hase a large number than the puzzle that you get can be harder for you. If the puzzle that you get too hard you can also get hints but only if you get hint coins. At the beginning of the game you can get only 10 and not more. You can get puzzles by talking to peoples and tapping on items. There are also Weekly puzzles that you can get after downloading it from the Wi-Fi.


Unknown Movie after the hard success of the previous Professor Layton Movie they decided that there is a new movie in upcomming. It is unknown wich movie it is of Professor Layton.


  • Hershel Layton - The Protogonist of the series he's a a renowned archaeologist that solves puzzle in various games.
  • Luke Triton - The assistent of Professor Layton.
  • Remi Altava - The assistent of Professor Layton, appeared at The Spectre's Flute
  • Don Paolo - Is the main villain of the Professor Layton series
  • Inspector Chelmey - Is the police Inspector of Scotland Yard.

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Supreme Game of this Time !!
The game of this time where various of peoples where talking about is the Professor Layton game: The Mask of Miracles!


Summary: Jean Descole has a very strange mask, Layton and Luke decided to investigate him, but bring him to Casino City.


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