Professor Layton and the Last Time Traveler
Game Information
Release Date (JPN) November 27, 2008
Release Date (USA) September 20, 2010
Platform Nintendo DS
Pushlishing Info
Devolpers Level-5
Genres Puzzle, Mystery, Advanture

Professor Layton and the Unwound Future (レイトン教授と最後の時間旅行, Reiton-kyōju to Saigo no Jikan Ryokō is the tirth Professor Layton game created under Level-5. This where been the showed after Professor Layton and the Diabolical Box. The game appeared at November 27, 2008 in japan and in September 20, 2010 North America.


Professor Layton and Luke received a letter that where standing in that they must gonna visit the time machine in London. Later the Time Machine where acting weird and evenly Layton and Luke where sending to the future where Layton meets the future Luke that give him the letter. Various of things now happens around Luke and Layton and more mysteries behind Layton is prevailed.

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